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On my homepage I want to tell you my vision of the world , I want to try to keep humanity alive and to get in contact with a lot of people.

We should look with anxious, but loving eyes at the many possibilities of all human beings, should try to influence the developement of humanity in a positive way and on the other hand think of the huge risks of wars and environemental desasters.

I would be very pleased, if wordings from my homepage would be taken, with or without citation and if translations in English or other languages would be sent to me. The google-translation unluckily is still not so good.

Reactions could be sent to my emailadress Helmut_Kaess@web.de , then please give the headline of the article or you answer directly under the article. If you don´t see a reaction, please call me: Tel. 0049 531 350513

Below the big picture on my homepage in the big black band are words, which will light up when you touch them with the cursor, and where there will appear subitems, where you can click at. And you can put words in the search field right below the picture, with which themes i was engaged with till now will show up.

Below the following German text there is again the English Translation of six points, which specify according to my opinion the senior problems of humanity.


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Hausarzt, i.R., seit 1976 im der Umweltorganisation BUND, seit 1983 in der ärztlichen Friedensorganisation IPPNW (www.ippnw.de), seit 1995 im Friedenszentrum, seit 2000 in der Dachorganisation Friedensbündnis Braunschweig
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