“Gaza: The Astounding Parallels with 9/11”

“Gaza: The Astounding Parallels with 9/11”    https://wp.me/paI27O-5tE


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I think, this Link ist especially important:   MIR erscheint dieser Link besonders wichtig:

New documentary on Gaza: “October 7 Was An Inside Job”

John Hankey #RealHistoryChannel

 RICHARD GAGE, AIA – ARCHITECTin diesem Link:https://richardgage911.substack.com/p/israels-911-moment

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Co-produce the film “9/11: Crime Scene to Courtroom” with the Lawyer’s Committee for 9/11 Inquiry!

RG911 to Present “Gaza: The Astounding Parallels with 9/11” — Truth Action Project Forum Tuesday May 21 — Live Online!

TAP Forum Theme: “Gaza and the Palestinian/Israeli Conflict” — America’s Funding of False Flags, Endless Wars, Ethnic Cleansing” — Join Online!

Richard Gage, AIA – Architect

May 16


Hello friends! We are pleased to present our latest false flag exposure speaking event at the upcoming TAP Forum:

We invite you to join us live. You must pre-register to watch this webinar-format event. It’s free!

Here’s a 4-minute heads up and outline of my portion of this special forum:


Title: Gaza & 9/11: The Astounding Parallels


Take the deep dive into the playbook, used by the powers that shouldn’t be, in their false flag operations. We focus on “Israel’s 9/11 Moment” and compare, feature by feature, to the ploys used to deceive most of the world in the events surrounding 9/11/2001.

How does the war trigger system work? What are the Parallels between 9/11 & Gaza? We found several:

A. They Create the Original PROBLEM

  • Part 1: Parallel — Previously Established and Geostrategic Goals — Coveting the Natural Resources of the Target Territory

  • Part 2: Parallel — A Rich History of Historic and Recent Provocations and False Flag Operations

  • Part 3: Parallel — Politically Useful Controlled Patsies

  • Part 4: Parallel — A Triggering Event — An Innovative Attack with Dubious Origins; A Manufactured Invasion from Foreign Operatives

  • Part 5: Parallel — A Catastrophic Intelligence Failure

  • Part 6: Parallel — A Military Stand-down — with an Obvious Uncharacteristic Delay in Response

  • Part 7: Parallel — Foreknowledge of the Attacks

  • Part 8: Parallel — Dancing Israelis — During the Attacks

B. They Manage the Public REACTION

  • Part 9: Parallel — Propaganda with Outrageous Slogans from Government and Media to Manipulate Public Emotion; Crisis Actors

  • Part 10: Parallel — Atrocities Alleged to the Enemy with Ensuing Dehumanization

  • Part 11: Parallel — Denial of Alleged Atrocities by the Enemy

  • Part 12: Parallel — Opposition Media/Journalists Targeted

C. They Offer the Prescribed SOLUTION

  • Part 13: Parallel — Military Revenge Attack Prepared in Advance with No Investigation

  • Part 14: Parallel — Occupy Territory of the New Enemy — The Land Grab

  • Part 15: Parallel — Widening the Conflict to Achieve Original Broader Goals

  • Part 16: Parallel — Effect Regime Change of Enemy Leadership

  • Part 17: Parallel — Enact “Forever War” Policy

  • Part 18: Parallel — $$ Billions Flow to the Media, Banking, and War Industries

  • Part 19: Parallel — Extreme Public Censorship by Government, MSM, and Social Media

  • Part 20: Parallel — Draconian Policies and Surveillance Instituted by Government

  • Part 21: Parallel — Malevolent Roots More Than 250 Years Old

We’ve written the first two of about 20 articles on the Gaza subject, which you can find here:

and here;

Learn more about other false flag parallels at RichardGage911:

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