My closing report from the world congress of the IPPNW in Delhi, March 08.

There are some atachments first from my „diary abrigements“, from my letter to my host-family and from my speech in front of the rotary club in the south of Delhi.

Then a link to the diary in German from the German Press-Relation Officer from the World-Congress as I didn´t see things like this in English.

Then a short report about the worldcongress:

The subjects were of cause diverse because of the difficult situation.

Important Indian politicians have participated as to my memory Vicepresident Shri M. Hamid Ansari, the healthminister  Shri Yoganand, the  Minister Sheila Dikshit, several parlamentarians, several high ranking officers as  Admial Ramdass, Major-General Vinod Saighai, Admiral Vishnu Bagwar, then the Senator Douglas Roche from Canada and a finnish politician.

Three copresidents of the worldwide IPPNW were choosen,  representing the West, the East and the south:

Ime John, Nigeria,  Sergej Kolesnikov, Russia and Frau Vappu Taipale, Finnland.

As well as two interntional student representatives: Wenjing Tao from Sweden and Agyeno Ehase Sunday from Nigeria.

The themes of the congress were the nuclear weapons with the extremly necessary complete nuclear disarmament according to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. There is to mention especially the

Effective Anti-Atomic weapon campaign  „ICAN“ (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons – I can, You Can, We can…) and the especially  from our students conducted Aktion „Target X“ . ( in Target X they place a big cross in cities on the market place and explain the terrible damage done by an atomic explosion, as in atomic war there are atomic weapons targeted on every city of this world)

Then the analysis of „Root Causes of Conflict“ , who study especially the unjust distribution of worlds goods and the coverage with the huge military of this world, which in its existence is responsible for the starving in this world. Then the massiv killings done just by „little weapons“ , the energy security endangered by atomic energy and fossile energy according to the clima-catastrophe and the theme females, children and war.

When I told a patient of mine out of India, that I would go to New-Delhi, he invited me to stay with his influential family there. He was as well in India at this time. This gave me the chance to discuss with the family, with politicians and people interested in politics. I had the big chance to see the „screaming extremes“ and the booming economies close by.

At the end  Andi Nidecker was announcing the next  IPPNW-world conferene in autumn  2010 in Basel/Switzerland.

Now a link with 31  commented  Photos from India.

Codeword:  IPPNW

Then I can offer you some links from my other photos in a chronological order after it is accepted by my host family. Ask me, if you want them.

Have a good time


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