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Dear visitors,
born innocent, then confused in childhood by self-uncertain parents, only to have the chance as an adult to put your thoughts in order and live your life happily…

What is the situation? We live on our small, decent earth in a huge universe, in which we are practically undetectable. We are the product of an evolution, are in a Great but extremely unstable phase and have about 80 years to live on average. Life we can define nowadays as mankind itself. We can agree with each other and make common decisions, preferably, all together. Then we have many possibilities to shape our lives. We can live the next millions of years on the earth and then also in the Milky Way and universe very nicely with a clever control, e.g. a Doughnut economy.
I would like to present my view of the world on my homepage, I would like to try to contribute to the preservation and positive development of mankind and to get into contact and exchange with interested people.
We are born into a strange world. As humans extremely tiny in space, dominating on earth, not knowing what comes after death. According to Robert Betz and Kathie Byron, we can choose a happy life or a hard life, it depends mostly on ourselves! On how we think.
To this end, a brief reflection on the relationship between consciousness and the universe. I see the life like a half-full glass of water, which I can interpret as half-full and half-empty. In addition a “philosophical note” . In addition it says in the afterword of Yuval Noah Harari: The today’s man, “Sapiens” threatens to become as mankind from an animal to a dissatisfied and irresponsible god.
On the one hand the human development is in many respects very positive, the probability to die of a violent death has strongly decreased and less people starve than decades ago, on the other hand the possibility of the annihilation of mankind exists by the modern weapon development and the infantile state of mind of many, also of our politicians, which became well-known at the latest since the manifesto of Russell and Einstein (“our Albert…”). In addition a letter from the co-president of the IPPNW Tilman Ruff (www.ippnw.org) about the 90 seconds before midnight in the year 2023 of the doomsday clock, the “Doomsday Clock”…
We should see with a concerned but also loving view the manifold possibilities of all people, we should try to influence the development of mankind in a positive way and we should consider on the other side the high danger especially by wars and environmental catastrophes. It seems crucial to me to see humanity as one family, as a cohesive unit, and not to differentiate by sorts, into “us and them,” for example, elites and plebs, “shepherds and flocks,” or by religions and ethnicities. In doing so, I also try to weight things according to what I perceive to be their importance, and to at least hint at the most important ones on this welcome page and elaborate on them in the links included. In (Sept. 2018, the “gathering movement” gave me hope. Further, here are a few phrases that strike me as particularly significant for humanity.
According to philosopher Dan Dannett, personal happiness requires striving for something beyond one’s own life. For me, this is first and foremost the peace of mankind, because of the social happiness that can then be expected in an environment that is suitable for mankind.
I would find it fantastic if some of my text would be taken over with or without quotation and if answers of any language would be sent to me. They can be easily translated with deepl.com.
Here are my current suggestions how it could be better…
Responses either to my email address Helmut_Kaess@web.de, then please include the article title each time, or directly below the articles. In case of no reaction from me please consider my absent-mindedness: Call me if necessary: Tel. 0531 350513
Under the picture there are sub-lines which become lighter when you touch them with the cursor and show the sub-items you can click on. Furthermore, you can enter terms in the search window on the right under the picture and see what I have dealt with so far.
Helmut Käss

Über admin

Hausarzt, i.R., seit 1976 im der Umweltorganisation BUND, schon lange in der Umweltwerkstatt, seit 1983 in der ärztlichen Friedensorganisation IPPNW (www.ippnw.de und ippnw.org), seit 1995 im Friedenszentrum, seit 2000 in der Dachorganisation Friedensbündnis Braunschweig, und ich bin seit etwa 15 Jahren in der Linkspartei// Family doctor, retired, since 1976 in the environmental organization BUND, for a long time in the environmental workshop, since 1983 in the medical peace organization IPPNW (www.ippnw.de and ippnw.org), since 1995 in the peace center, since 2000 in the umbrella organization Friedensbündnis Braunschweig, and I am since about 15 years in the Left Party//
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