world-wide Peace and its threats

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Here is my short and concentrated article about that, what I consider as crucial for humanity at this time . Unluckily some of the links are still in German, where you have only the chance of a google translation

world-wide Peace and its threats

Below my attachments are listed additionally. Partially they are not mentioned in my article.

There is a big risk by the nuclear “overkill”. There exist according to my IPPNW-college and nuclear authority Ernst Ludwig Iskenius still about 15.300 atomic weapons, numbers again rising. 1.800 can be started in minutes, and 1.000 of them, if used against cities, can produce by the resulting fire storms a full nuclear winter. This would result in a completely dark and cold planet for over 10 years und kill most people by hunger. And there are the extreme expenses for the military, in the last years about 1700 billion Dollar, which would be sufficient to guarantee food and school for the whole humanity and would pave the way for a good future. The military is a big burden to humanity.  The readiness for war is created mostly by lying. (By highly paid propaganda institutions)

We would hope, that our leaders, that means, the people responsible in the governments, would care predominantly for the wellbeing of the majority of their population. That means, food, shelter, housing, good work. Unluckily this is not the case in most countries. How can we achieve that?

Humanity has all external requirements for material and psychological happiness:

Productivity, that means the goods produced by one hour of working time, goes up since far more than a hundred years by the human inventive talent and it will do this because of automatization und robotics for hundreds of years to come, as long as we will not have a devastating war. Environmental damage and climate warming are very dangerous, but can still be controlled in time by coordinated work of our governments. Precondition is, that our governments work for the wellbeing of the majority of their people and that means, you have to have a very politicised population. We have to lay off our lethargy and have to control actively our politicians.

To make peace is to be achieved only by the principles, which were used for instance by two German politicians, who helped to ease the cold war and who fought heavily against the aggressive opposition of other parties: They followed the principle made famous by Olof Palme, a Swedish premier minister: “Common Security” (an expression I did not find in the English Wikipedia, but in the peace magazine and in the German Wikipedia)

Willy Brandt and Egon Bahr used the principle of “common security”, which means, you have not only to look to your security but to consider as well the security concerns of the states, you have problems with.

With this principle they spoke with the Soviet-Union, produced trust and created with all European states the Helsinki Declaration and the organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, where all the European Nations are participants and which should be our European common security organisation (not NATO, which divides in friends and enemies).

Only with the policy of common security the Christian call – “Peace on Earth” – would be possible. The policy of Brandt und Bahr contributed a lot to the end of the cold war. In the USA are to my opinion as important for peace for instance Bernie Sanders, Noam Chomsky, Edward Snowdon, Michael Moore and many more. But even many more are needed in the USA and nearly everywhere.

Prof. Rainer Mausfeld , a German psychologist, says, that the so-called „Elites“ that means human beings with much might, especially with very much money, they cooperate to control the society with a lot of special institutions, for instance the Bilderberg group, and “think tanks” and they use the results of psychological science with the instrument of “Management of Beliefs and Outrages” by the help of the media. (His speech is to my knowledge still not translated. You can help yourself with the google-translation.) That means, everybody should try to get himself informed about the principles of that influence to be able to restore his natural ability to judge.

The majority of people should demand loudly peaceful and social politics. They should control their politicians with the help of unions and civil society and if necessary elect other persons or parties next time. And they should create organisations to check the articles in Papers and television, which could create trouble for incorrect and dangerous statements. Our schools should teach competence for media and for peace the whole life. It is important to watch your own state and the whole of humanity. Then our humanity has hopefully succeeded and could concentrate for instance on the universe, as evolution and human beings and the blue earth are incredible adventures and now we are on our way to pay a lot more attention to the universe…

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