a presentation of „No wars anymore“

a presentation of „No wars anymore“

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Two themes, which belong to each other:No wars anymore“ and the Impact on Politics:

And a somewhat ironical appellation by a friend named Fritz Walz: „a humanist shows ways to everlasting peace on earth.“

The world situation is precarious. We live under the swort of Damokles by the risk of atomic war. In a world, where the rich become mostly extremly richer, but the poor do not participate. Where we realize a dramatic climate warming and the seas become more and more acidic and littered with plastics. Wars are waged more and more for the reason of dominance though forbidden by international law. According to our opinion (of a little group of the peace movement in Braunschweig) this is all stupid. Humanity is so creative that all problems could be solved by cooperation. How can we reach such an cooperation? According to our opinion a yearly worldwide commemoration linked with a demonstration would be useful.

I begin with this two thesis:

  1. No wars are allowed any more,as each war could lead by escalation to an atomic war and by this to the annihilation of humanity.
  2. The costs of  the worldwide military (in the last years about 1800 billion Dollar,mostly by USA and the Nato) should be reduced to the ability to defend oneself and the money saved should be used for the clean up of humanity. (Nutrition for the very hungry and free school for every child on earth as precondition for a good life and a worldwide real democracy ) According to my very crude researches 23 billion Dollar could be sufficient for this. Let it be more, even 500 Billion Dollar would be easily possible, as so much money is wasted mostly for dominance reasons.

To  the first thesis:  we say it in the memory  of  the manifest of Russell and Einstein that wars are not allowed any more. There they make this request, because each war might  escalate to an atomic war and might lead to  the extinction of mankind. This is a sentence nearly everyone understands and it is connected to  the name of Einstein, which is known to nearly everybody.

This memoration day has started already in Braunschweig. It nearly coincides with the Flagday of the Mayors for Peace, Therefore we have chosen a date around the 8. Juli (the day the international court has declared the illegality of atomic weapons) as memory of both days also, as our mayor is a mayor for peace. More than seven thousand cities of this world, from these five hundred in Germany, have such a mayor and each city, each village should have such a mayor, as nobody wants  to be killed by atomic weapons.

On the other hand it is said, that wars ever existed and will always exist. But this means by the existing technology of weapons, that  humanity will in fact destroy itself. We have to use our brains to make a big step in our developement and to choose human cooperation instead of doom. Willy Brandt and Egon Bahr (as well as Martin Luther King) have shown us the way in a time, when the social democratic party in Germany was still the party of normal working families (and did not give in to  the interests oft he rich). Common security, where you think of the safety necessities of your enemy too and the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe were hopeful and strong steps in the right direction.

To reach out to this, we as peace movement must become more effective. To us this seems possible by a yearly remembrance to this commemoration of the manifest, but also according to human nature by a yearly big demonstration. The idea for this I got in München.

There each Febuary the „Security-Conference“ takes place, a meeting of  the rich and influential. (The peace movement calls it an Insecurityconference) There the main action of the peacemovement occurs at a Friday evening in a former city-hall with excellent speeches and a welcoming speech by a mayor of the city (with about 100-200 people) and some other peace meetings happen around it. On Saturday midday is a colorful demonstration, which encircles the place of  the  „Securityconference“  with about 1000-2000 people…

This is our idea to do it next year: On Friday the memory of  the flagday and the manifest with the main sentence: Never war again! And on Saturday a demonstration with a slogan like: „Social welfare instead of tanks“ or „adequate supply instead of doom“.

Therefore according to  the second thesis we want to make in Braunschweig and everywhere a demonstration as big as possible, where there are shown slogans, which are important to anyone: „it is absurd, that for  the military much more is spent than would be needed for the humanitarian basic services and it ist absurd, that one person owns more than a billion Dollar, while on the same time elsewhere people dy by hunger.“  We want our share there, where the money is misspent, from the military and the super-rich. And under this  main topic all the many humanitarian interests should be present with topics as clima, souroundings, bad farming, poison in food and clothes and so on, where the spoilt money is much better spent.

This is in the interest of nearly all human beings but the tiny minority oft he worlwide billionaires, but who have a tremendous influence und who do a lot of harm to humanity with their combined effort as you can hear by Rainer Mausfeld and others. (for instance a discussion from R.M. with Ken Jebsen with English Sublines: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBPUGRnzcdo )

We, that means a little group of  the peace movement on Braunschweig: The local IPPNW (www.ippnw.org) and other peace groups have decided to start the program descibed above in the hope that it spreads all over the world.

The peacemovement, especially ICAN (www.icanw.org) and it´s „parents“ IPPNW (www.ippnw.orghad the big success this summer when the nuclear ban treaty was decided. This means, that not only biological and chemical weapons and for instance landmines are forbidden by international law, but also the most horrendous weapons of mass murder, the atomic weapons. Many arms of offence must follow: The bombers, the tanks, the cruise missiles, the rockets, the armed drones, the weapons with artificial intelligence and much more. Allowed should be only weapons which are best in defense like bazookas and flak. Then an attack on other countries would be hardly possible. We should try to influence our governments (in Germany international law is  part of the constitution, yet it doesn´t work) to respect fully the international law. Why does  Germany take part in the Syrian war in breach of international law? Why does it tolerate the drone murders  from the us-base in Ramstein?

This are our plans. We need every possible support!

Helmut  Käss

These arguments in a shorter way: http://helmutkaess.de/Wordpress/?p=4609


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