Two central themes for humanity

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 In the peace movement in Braunschweig there is this initiative :

First: a commemoration of the request of the Manifest of Russell und Einstein: War never again!  This is said in the Manifest, because each war can escalate to an atomic war, which can lead to the total annihilation of mankind.

The yearly commemoration has already started in Braunschweig. It happens around the 8. July late afternoon in the old room “Dornse”, former city hall, Altstadtmarkt. It will happen again next July.

And a Protest Rally: It is a shame, that much more money is spent for the military (which endangers the existence of mankind) than would be needed for the basic needs of humanity and education for all as precondition for a good life.

We will try to form such a protest rally the saturday after the commemoration in Braunschweig as well once a year and to spread this idea all over the world.

For this in summary a presentation

And a suggestion for a central poster: 

The world is in disorder

It is organized badly

It is absurd, that for for the military is spent much more than would be needed for getting free education for any child and the feeding of the hungry and it is absurd, that a person owns more than a billion € or $, while other people dy by hunger. It should be easy to do, as productivity has risen enormously.

We want Peace and

a good Administration

We want more money for all, from, where it is (partly misused)

The Military

And the Super-Rich


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