a letter to York: a yearly commemoration and a yearly Manifestation

Dear Participants of the IPPNW World Conference in York

After the agreeable result of the very effective campaign for the banning of nuclear weapons and the shameful non-participation of our Germany I hope you will continue.

One of the reasons that my friends and I participate in actions against the horrible military development oft this time is the Russell-Einstein Manifesto, which calls for an end to all war.

We succeeded in creating a yearly commemoration of the Manifesto here in Braunschweig in 2015. The commemoration of the Manifesto takes place one day after the Flag Day of the Mayors for Peace (which honors the International Court’s decision on the illegality of nuclear weapons), so we celebrate these days together, as we have a Mayor for Peace (so we get a representative room for free and a speech by the mayor of the city each year). We think every town and village in the world should have at least one day of this kind. So we hope that our commemoration spreads all over the world.

Now we have had a second idea to make this a more effective event. The military–industrial complex is such a parasite sucking the very blood of humanity; it gorges on more money than we would need to feed the poor of this world and give everyone a good education. Therefore we want to establish a big event to call attention to this, and we plan to do it the day after the commemoration of the Manifesto. We’re taking the „Munich Security Conference“ as a model – each February influential people and the armaments industry meet, while the peace movement has a parallel peace conference on Friday, usually with over a hundred attendees and some actions on Saturday morning and evening and a demonstration at midday on Saturday with over a thousand people. To bring attention to the terrible waste of the military complex, we also want to have a very big demonstration the day after the Manifesto commoration day in Braunschweig. In the long run, we hope to do this annually and spread the idea world-wide. Humanity forgets quickly and has to be reminded yearly, otherwise it might destroy itself, as we all fear.

What do you think about our idea from Braunschweig?

Could you imagine supporting a yearly commemoration of the manifesto (or even such a weekend) in your city each July?

Dr. med. Helmut Käss
Tulpenweg 11, 38108 Braunschweig, Tel: 0049 531 350513, 0176 57747 881




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